Our mission is to equip Exhibitors to continue leading in premium film delivery.

We live in an ever evolving multiscreen world where customers are seeking the convenience of home entertainment.

Exhibition is in serious risk of disruption

Moviegoers are seeking in home convenience

Moviegoers have more choice than ever before when it comes to entertainment. A lot of these choices come with the added in-home convenience that makes moviegoers less likely to venture away from home to watch a movie.

Distributors are releasing their own direct-to-consumer services

Distributors are looking to shorten the theatrical window and are exploring their own Premium Video On Demand (PVOD) service. Already Disney and Warner have announced the introduction of their own service with others expected to follow.

SVOD offerings are rapidly increasing

A growing number of SVOD offerings, such as Netflix and Hulu are delivering a constant stream of new films. Such offerings are only becoming more accessible as internet connectivity improves and households have multiple screens and devices on hand.

There are new entertainment options to compete against

Over the last year alone we have seen new entertainment options rise to popularity, including gaming, live streaming and VR. What's interesting though is these entertainment options are still in their infancy and are expected to only increase in popularity as related technologies improve and become more accessible.

Moviegoers are building “cinemas at home”

There has been a proliferation of affordable, large HD TVs that enable moviegoers to experience in the majority of the theatre benefits at home; on their couch, eating their food, on their own time.

Film Exhibitors serve an ageing audience

Exhibitors face the threat of an ageing audience, where the next generation of moviegoers are not getting into the habit of visiting the Cinema.

Exhibitors have spent a lot to upgrade the theatrical experience

Exhibitors are spending huge budgets on upgrading cinemas with large reclining seats, technology and quality food options. The inverse consequence is lower capacity and increased ticket prices to absorb the enormous capital outlays.

The perceived value of the theatrical experience is declining

Subscription services like MoviePass may claim to be the “saviour” of the Film industry, but in reality, they only succeed in devaluing the moviegoing experience. When moviegoers have the option of paying as little as US$7.95 a month for all you can watch movies, it makes it hard to convince moviegoers to go back to paying actual retail rates for a film?

More films are being pirated during the theatrical window

The sheer volume of films produced reduces the average time a film remains in cinema. Films are left frozen in the theatrical window without anyone being able to view or purchase, creating demand for illegal downloads during this period of unavailability.

Film Exhibitors have limited analytics to inform decision making

On average moviegoers attend four screenings a year. This translates into a minimal amount of data for analysis, which makes it hard to construct a customer-centric experience that is adequately directed by user preferences and tastes. In a business environment where analytics can give a competitive advantage, cinemas have with very little to work with.

The scope of the theatrical market currently limits Film Exhibitors

Exhibitor's loyalty programs are limited to cinema attendance and subsequent spend. Outside of the cinema, loyalty has little value for either side. This limits an Exhibitor’s brand value and customer engagement opportunities.

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The Screen Plus opportunity

Reinvent your cinema as an in cinema & in home entertainment brand

Film Exhibitors are in a unique position to reinvent themselves as a complete in-cinema and in-home entertainment brand - one that resonates well with customers in our new age of digital entertainment consumption. Screenplus provides all the tools required to enable this. Currently, we are seeing this type of reinvention and consolidation occur with other media entertainment companies who also serve a diverging customer base.

Invigorate your cinema loyalty program

By introducing an online streaming service that integrates with existing cinema loyalty programs, Film Exhibitors will be able to provide new and existing customers with more ways to earn loyalty and be rewarded. This overcomes the current limitations of solely being able to reward cinema attendance and subsequent spend.

Operate a duel marketing & sales platform

Screen Plus allows Exhibitors to sell movies to people watching at home and also drive awareness and engagement for movies showing in cinema. This makes Screen Plus a duel marketing and sales tool, since home viewing can be used to drive moviegoers back to cinema using rewards and improving the relevancy of communications.

Grow cinema ticket sales

Screen Plus complements the cinema business, it generates demand for upcoming cinema releases and incentivises additional spending in cinemas. There is a vast array of marketing tactics that work to achieve this.

Introduce & grow an in-home revenue stream

Screenplus provides Film Exhibitors with a new in-home revenue stream, via the sale of movies online using a transactional (TVOD), pay-per-view (PPV) rental scheme. With this online infrastructure in place, cinemas can then start to explore additional online entertainment opportunities to acquire new customers and capture more customer value.

Access more viewing data to inform cinema marketing campaigns

The average American visits the cinema 4.7 times a year, leaving Film Exhibitors with little consumption action to analyse and use to direct future decisions. In an age where data is viewed can be used to achieve a competitive advantage, Film Exhibitors are left short. Screen Plus allows Film Exhibitors to capture a much needed share of home entertainment viewing data that can be used to direct a more personalised experienced for customers. It can also be used to help Film Studios and Distributors better understand content consumption behaviour and direct their marketing effort.

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Build upon your business model

ScreenPlus negotiates film rights

ScreenPlus takes charge of negotiating home entertainment film rights so this process isn't over complicated for Exhibitors and Distributors.

Revenue shares are passed on to Distributors and Exhibitors

ScreenPlus manages the revenue handover process and provides revenue reports for transparency.

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