It's all about the Exhibitor

ScreenPlus is the all in one Video On Demand Solution for Exhibitors

Quickly launch your cinema branded VOD platform and securely deliver movies to your audience without worrying about complex video streaming software.

looks Amazing

Your cinema brand

A Stunning  Video on Demand platform designed and tailored to your cinema's brand guidelines.

Mobile Ready

Across all screens

A suite of custom apps are available across iOS, Android, AppleTV, AndroidTV, Chromecast and more.

Grow revenue

Designed to convert

A Transactional VOD platform for selling films and driving moviegoers back to cinema.

World class Piracy Protection

Films are protected with studio grade DRM & MPAA compliant software

Industry-leading piracy protection. ScreenPlus ensures content is protected to the utmost level. All platforms come fully equipped with studio-grade DRM, granular level geo-blocking controls and an array of additional anti-piracy features.

Powerful Encoding & HTML5 Video Player

Highest quality viewing experiences are delivered across all devices

Deliver quality viewing experiences to the same level of Netflix and iTunes. Our cloud based encoding system prepares content for delivery across all devices - optimised for quality and protection.

Movie Management System

ScreenPlus manages the curation of each Exhibitor's platform.

ScreenPlus uploads, curates and publishes movies for each Exhibitor on each Exhibitor's platform. We works with Exhibitors & Distributors to schedule movies.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Marketing tools are used to boost engagement on each Exhibitors platform.

Recommendations, pre-roll trailers, email marketing are some of the marketing tools used to boost engagement and attract new customers.

More data to analyse

Valuable insights into customer behaviour and revenue are passed onto Exhibitors and Distributors.

ScreenPlus tracks viewing behaviour and reports on revenue to give Exhibitors and Distributors the insights needed to direct marketing and strategy decision making.

Everyone Benefits with Screen Plus

ScreenPlus streamlines the negotiation of digital film rights

ScreenPlus is a stand alone streaming solution that allows Exhibitors to build upon their existing business model with the addition of VOD and without taking on massive amounts of extra work.

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See what a Powerful Transactional Video On Demand platform can do for your cinema.