Introducing SCREENPLUS

A Powerful Marketing & Transactional Video On Demand Solution For Exhibitors

Putting Exhibitors in the driving seat for the future of entertainment in an ever-evolving multiscreen world.

Home Market

Unlock a new revenue stream

Operate your own video on demand platform for premium content.

Theatrical Market

Grow cinema ticket sales

Drive customers back to cinema with promotions on your VOD platform.

Build your brand

Invigorate cinema loyalty

Expand your loyalty program to engage customers in cinema and at home.

The Screenplus opportunity

Your cinema brand across all screens, in cinema and at home

ScreenPlus provides an opportunity to quickly expand into the home entertainment market and capitalise on new entertainment trends with your own branded VOD platform.

It's all about your cinema Business

Easily participate in the $55 billion home entertainment market

A powerful cinema branded video on demand platform

A powerful enterprise level VOD platform tailored to your brand.

Sell movies to moviegoers to watch at home.

Sell premium movies for home viewing within the theatrical window.

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How screenplus future proofs exhibition

It's time to future proof the current exhibition model

ScreenPlus is a stand-alone online streaming solution designed to position your Cinema as a next-generation in cinema and in home entertainment brand .

Screenplus is MORE THAN JUST A VOD Platform

Drive in home audiences back to your cinema

Drive at-home audiences back to the cinema using our proven marketing campaigns and powerful tools. ScreenPlus is your ultimate marketing tool for driving theatrical ticket sales. Leverage on-demand titles to boost awareness and hype around new films.

Everyone benefits with screen plus

An industry controlled platform for Exhibition and Distribution

Strengthen your current business model

ScreenPlus helps Exhibitors and Distributors streamline digital film right negotiations.

ScreenPlus reports on revenue

ScreenPlus ensures transparency on revenue by providing detailed revenue reports for each film.

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See what a Powerful Transactional Video On Demand platform can do for your cinema.