Video on Demand for Cinema.

Launch your own streaming solution and sell films to audiences right in their living room.

Your Cinema brand across all screens, in cinema and at home.

Our online video platform comes with everything needed for Cinemas to launch their own personalized PVOD service and sell films directly to audiences at home.

Trusted to secure studio grade films.

Our online video platform is used by leading Cinemas, Film Festivals, Film Markets and Broadcasters to protect content with DRM.

Studio grade DRM

Ensure playback can only occur on an authenticated video player.

Advanced proxy detection

Prevent viewing on accounts using a proxy server, including VPNs.


Embed an invisible non-removable watermark into your films.


Control the accessibility of content in different territories.

Concurrent stream restrictions

Limit the amount of devices a user can watch content on simultaneously.

Secure user information

All user information is private and not shared with any third parties.

PVOD is your new in-home engagement & rewards mechanism.

Cinemas will be able to use PVOD as a tool to drive moviegoers back to Cinema and vice versa - effectively creating an in-cinema and in-home entertainment experience.

Unlock PVOD revenue

Launch your own Cinema branded streaming service and generated added revenue.

Grow cinema ticket sales

Drive customers back to cinema with cross promotional marketing campaigns.

Invigorate cinema loyalty

Expand your loyalty program with in home rewards, discounts and special offers.

Future proof your Cinema business in today's digital age.

Start entertaining your customers in cinema and at home. We live in an ever-evolving multi-screen world and PVOD has massive potential to compliment the theatrical experience.

Talk to our team about launching your own Cinema on Demand service.